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True Community - John 17:21

Feb 11, 2024    Andrey Bulanov

Main idea:

The christian life is an invitation into a life of community with God and his people. It is a shared common life in Christ which draws us together as Christians, gives us a deep sense of belonging, encouragement and purpose as disciples.


1. True community starts with God

2. True community is central to the life of the church

◦ Assume the worst not the best

◦ Reject performance and be real

◦ Commit to people as the most important investment of your life

3. True community is for the world


• Do you feel a deep sense of belonging to the church family? Is your heart wide open to the church family in your life? What are the barriers to that?

• Do you enjoy the church? Do you strive to make it a place that others enjoy as well?

• Do you see yourself as someone who is actively building the life of the church?

Scripture References:

• John 17:21

• Revelation 21:1-3

• 1 John 1:3

• Ephesians 4:1-3

• 2 Corinthians 6:11