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The Image of God in Motherhood

May 12, 2024    Max Litovchenko


God's Image is Reflected in Motherhood Through...





• Mom’s, who or what is your greatest inspiration for motherhood? Do you look to God for the inspiration, strength, and power to love and care for your kids?

• Does your life continue to be marked by self-sacrifice for your children and others?

• Do you strive to provide well for the physical needs of those under your care? Are you nourishing your children with the pure milk of the word? Are you ensuring that their souls are being fed?

• Are you caring for and loving your children like God is? Do they know what His embrace feels like through your life?

• Do you feel privileged or burdened by your calling? Do you complain or rejoice at this glorious gift that God has given you?

• Do you recognize that God has designed you uniquely and intricately with his very image, to display and reflect his character? What does that look like in your life today?

• Have you experienced the sacrificial, sustaining, and compassionate nature of God in your life?

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