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True North Conference 2019

Distracted. Unsure. Conflicted. Pressured. These are the feelings we often experience as young people seeking to follow Jesus in a rapidly changing world. We are a generation caught in between the ages – where technology and culture question virtually everything that previous generations took for granted. 

How do we grow in stability, peace and clarity in this cultural moment? How do we grow in a sense of identity as followers of Christ? What does it take to be rooted in the ancient and unchanging Word of God and effectively engaging the world around us? How do we establish the daily rhythms of life that will instill a deep sense of belonging to Jesus as well as a love for the world around? 

The Adoption Process

Two and a half years into the adoption process we finally received a referral for a 2-year-old girl from Kyrgyzstan. The birth mother abandoned the child shortly after birth, being a young single woman in a big city without family or government support.  By this...

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Spiritual Gifts

If you ever observed the construction project of a tall building being erected in the heart of a city, you quickly realize that there are many people involved in the project. You might see a group of metal workers on the fourth floor welding foundational structures...

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Water Baptism

Why are Baptists so excited for Baptism? If you ever observed water baptism, there is a lot of celebration happening. Baptismal services seem to posses a unique, electrified atmosphere of joy and excitement. Yet, biblically, water baptism is not necessary for...

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