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Compassion or Judgment

Photo by Steve Knutson on Unsplash

Where is your compassion? Is it not buried under self-righteousness? Do we elevate ourselves over other people just because we do what is right? When someone messes up do we pass judgement or show compassion?

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Fighting Fear and Anxiety

Picture a toddler holding his mothers hand in a busy mall. He is constantly trying do his own thing, like going where he wants to,  he tries to touch things he shouldn't, and keeps pointing to everything. Amidst a crazy, hectic, unfamiliar mall the child does not...

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If God is Sovereign Why Pray?

If God is Sovereign why pray? If God does all that he wills, do our prayers actually matter? When we become true believers in Jesus Christ we begin to desire to pray. Prayer becomes something more real and tangible because we become certain that God actually hears us...

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