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We are doing live streaming of our services. If you would like to join us virutally, feel free to join. Our service starts at 2:00PM(pst) every Sunday.


The link will take you to our channel. The live stream should be the first video. If it is not there, then make sure you are join us at the right time.

God is God over the Whole World

Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash Christianity is quickly dwindling down in America, as in most other western nations. The country is becoming more and more secular and “New Age” thought continues to infect its residents. Christians who stand on biblical convictions...

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Compassion or Judgment

Photo by Steve Knutson on Unsplash

Where is your compassion? Is it not buried under self-righteousness? Do we elevate ourselves over other people just because we do what is right? When someone messes up do we pass judgement or show compassion?

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Fighting Fear and Anxiety

Picture a toddler holding his mothers hand in a busy mall. He is constantly trying do his own thing, like going where he wants to,  he tries to touch things he shouldn't, and keeps pointing to everything. Amidst a crazy, hectic, unfamiliar mall the child does not...

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