Two and a half years into the adoption process we finally received a referral for a 2-year-old girl from Kyrgyzstan. The birth mother abandoned the child shortly after birth, being a young single woman in a big city without family or government support. 

By this point we had spend countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars, on this rigorous adoption process, filling out stacks of paperwork, completing multiple training courses, etc. Although we identified in our paperwork that we wanted to adopt a girl ages 2 or younger, this referral caused us to pause. Prayerfully we reread the referral many times and sought direction from the Lord for our next step.

God was gracious to us and gave us peace to pursue this referral, and provided us with the necessary means and timing to be able to fly and meet this child thousands of miles away. 

As we entered the orphanage to meet our child we were surprised that we didn’t feel some magical instant connection to her. Yet, as we spend time with this child we slowly became attached to her. We experienced her awful orphanage conditions and realized how alone and unwanted she truly was in the world. By the end of our 10-day trip we were convinced that we must adopt this child- we wanted her to be part of our family. 

In light of the given example, consider this text in Ephesians 1:5, “In love he (God) predestined us (believers) for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will”. God has adopted us into his family, and the adoption process that God underwent to adopt us into his family was a lot more rigorous than what was outlined above. What an amazing reality!

In our sin we were separated from God, and were wandering as orphans in this world. We were not needed and unwanted. When God looked at our adoption profile in eternity past, there was nothing appealing in it. We were extremely sick- spiritually, mentally and physically. The original image of God in us was almost completely erased by our sinfulness. There was nothing about us that made us likable. We were rebels from birth, murders at heart; lust was in our flesh, and our goal in life was to serve idols (Eph. 2:1-3). 

Yet, God “in love predestined us”, which means he had planned to adopt us from eternity past. He himself decided and planned to bring us into His family by his own initiative and will. In the garden of Eden, God promised us that a Messiah will come, through whom we will receive salvation and adoption. 

And finally, on one quiet, starry night, 2000 years ago, Jesus enters our world. He becomes like one of us, he visits our country of origin. He experiences our living conditions, he breathes our polluted air, and takes upon himself all our sickness and filth (Is. 53). He nails our sins to the cross, buys us out with his own precious blood on the cross and raises us up from our deadened condition. 

Through the long, difficult and costly process God takes us by our hand of faith and brings us into his family. We are no longer orphans, but sons. We have a loving father who cares, teaches and protects us (Rom. 3:13). We are no longer alone and we don’t have to be afraid anymore, for our Father is with us and will keep us to the end. 

At one point we had nothing, and now we have everything. How can we not thank God for his amazing love toward us? How can we not live as his sons and daughters, giving him all the glory? God has done absolutely everything to adopt us- we can never repay him. Instead, let’s praise him, for he is truly great and great is our adoption.