Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash

Christianity is quickly dwindling down in America, as in most other western nations. The country is becoming more and more secular and “New Age” thought continues to infect its residents. Christians who stand on biblical convictions are becoming a minority faster than ever. As the government changes, the churches are becoming more and more isolated.

People who claim to stand for morality and equal rights, are, in reality, becoming more and more evil and immoral. This year’s half-time show during the Super Bowl said everything. The choreography resembled a strip club more than it did family entertainment. Many spoke up against the sexual content and strong references to Satanic cults. Yet, many more enjoyed it; as one article put it: “fans of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were left stunned”.” The whole show was highly feministic, and yet, in reality there was nothing good for women, only a lot of nearly-nude dancing to captivate the watching world.

Churches in our culture are becoming more and more shut down to the voice of truth. Truth with a capital T is now politically incorrect- it can only stand as one of the thousands of opinions. The world says “keep your religion in churches and stay there”. Many Christians may subconsciously feel like the God of the Bible is God of a specific people, particularly His church. But the reality is quite contrary to this- God is God over the entire world.

When Israel was destroyed by the Assyrian army (around 600BC), and then later on by the Babylonians, many prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel prophesied about the judgement of God coming on Israel and Judah for their wickedness. God judged his own nation because they left Him and followed other gods to the point of no return. 

Yet, all three of the mentioned prophets prophesy to the nations around Israel as well. The message was clear: God will judge them as well ( Isaiah 28-35; Jeremiah 46-51 Ezekiel 25-32). There are huge sections that particularly target the superpowers like Egypt, Babylon, and Assyria. “Therefore, this is what the Lord of Armies, the God of Israel, says: I am about to punish the king of Babylon and his land just as I punished the King of Assyria” (Jer. 50:18). God raised them up for His purposes and now He will judge them severely. The language of judgment of God is particularly gruesome and bloody; which points to the seriousness of God towards these nations and their sin.  

God is God over all the earth. As Christians we should not be afraid to tell people what God desires and how He acts- that he will judge and He will pour out his wrath on all the earth for its sin. Sooner or later people will see and experience the fury of God. We should not be afraid to stand firm on Biblical convictions even when the world laughs at it all. God’s will is His will for us all. No one is off the hook!

Don’t be afraid to talk about God as Lord over all the earth. He is King over all the religions and over all the countries. He is God of heavens and earth. No one can even stand in His presence, their knees will be broken from His great majesty; they will be paralyzed before Him in submission. God is God over the whole world!!!